Best IT Decision

We were using a large firm with a call-in line. This required a trouble ticket and then had to wait until someone was available, this could take up to 24 hrs. for a response. If I wanted to add or upgrade hardware, I had to know what I wanted and they would quote instead of them coming up with solutions.

I went to Quantum Network because I had used them before at another location. I appreciated the personal touch they brought my organization. Quantum took to the roll as an employee not a contractor, they became our in-house IT department. They are always forward thinking and suggesting what we should look at as​ the system aged, became overtaxed or needed added resources. They would handle everything and made the system robust and something I never worried about. Not only did they provide great service 24/7 they came on site one day a week and asked all users if they needed anything. Like I said they were was one of us.

If anyone was on the fence about choosing them as their IT firm, I would tell them they should go with Quantum, I did and never regretted it.

Bryan Feimer Former COO
IER Fujikura

Custom Approach to Support

We’ve been with Quantum Network Services for over 15 years.  They understand our systems very well, which leads to a custom and personalized service at a reasonable price.  In our experience, other firms try to fit you in to their model regardless of your real needs.  Quantum’s response time is excellent, they are available when we need them.  I recommend Quantum Network Services to anyone looking for custom and personalized IT support.

Bob Elly Jr. President
Neff-Perkins Company

You Won’t be Disappointed

The biggest benefit to Quantum Network Services is their response time and ability to manage many requests remotely. I feel their ease of access, 24/7 availability and responsiveness are better than other IT firms.

If anyone is on the fence about choosing Quantum Network Services, I would tell them Meet w/Tom and have a conversation – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Paul M. O’Connor President
Advanced Controls, Inc.

Reliable and Trustworthy

The biggest benefit of working with Quantum Network Services is the response time, this is always a huge issue with other companies but with Quantum any issues come up they are they are on top of immediately. I know that when an issue arises, They will assess it and give us the best options to move forward. They have earned our trust and keeps our business running smoothly with minimal down time.

If you’re looking for reliability, quality work without the price gauging then Quantum is the company to take care of your IT needs.

Rose Fejedelem Controller
Empire Paving, LLC

Confidence To Do Whatever It Takes

The biggest benefit of going with Quantum Network Service is their incredibly fast response times and overall knowledge of our equipment. They are very fair on pricing and never try to sell us stuff we do not need. I would tell anyone looking tell to choose Quantum based on a confidence level that they will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running.

Margaret Tripp Controller
Research Abrasive Products

Second to None

The biggest benefit since moving to Quantum Network Service from the other IT firm, was the fast dependable response. QNS wasn’t ever focused on just closing a work ticket like other IT firms but took on issues immediately. QNS was here on-site or remote resolving the issues in a timely and efficient manner day or night, even the weekends. . They are very hand-on and onsite when needed, almost like QNS was at your fingertips.

The accessibility of QNS to troubleshoot and resolve issues is second to none.

Van Culliton, ASQ-CQA Quality Engineer
IER Fujikura

Shouldn’t Even Be A Debate

Quantum Network service has wonderful customer service. We can call them morning or night ad they are always there to fix the problem. They are dedicated to walk through any problem with us is easy ways to understand. It’s hard to find good customer service at reasonable prices and going with Quantum Network Services shouldn’t even be a debate, they are Awesome!

Rachel Penn Office Manager
GSH Industries, Inc.

Fair and Responsive

Quantum Network Services has been great, they’re rapid and comprehensive responses to any issues that arise. We have a more personalized relationship with them, it’s like having our own in-house IT guru. I can say this QNS is fair and responsive. If you have any issues they are easily resolved directly with the owner.

Victor Sutton Director Of Operations
Advanced Controls, Inc